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An energising session for teachers – Mrit News

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It was an energising session aimed at equipping teachers with teaching strategies and keeping themselves abreast of innovative and modern teaching methods by author, playwright, and personality development trainer Yandamoori Veerendranath at Poojya Basavarajappa Appa Memorial Hall here on Thursday.

The event was organised by SBR groups of Institutes and Vijai Events, Hyderabad.

Hundreds of teachers for Sharanabasaveshwar Residential Public School and Appa Public School attended the lecture, which was punctuated with anecdotes, personal experiences, games and questions and answers that kept the teachers glued to their seats for three hours at a stretch, but also encouraged them to engage positively with the speaker.

To make the education and learning process easier, the teachers should avoid using the word ‘Hard Work’, tell their life experiences to students, teachers have to understand the standard of student’s, understand problems faced by each student and also identify their creativity. Body language is a very important aspect of the teaching process, and asked teachers to avoid monotony as the voice modulation adds 38 percent, body language with 6% and the content carries 56%.

He said that every student has two brains, left and right. Right brain is for intelligence and left is for memory. He opined that the left-brain oriented students will be good at medicine, law and literature, whereas the right-brain oriented will have interest in mathematics, engineering subjects and choose profession like engineering and chartered accountancy. A teacher should identify the interest of each student, he added.

Narrating stories, he explained the difference between ‘target’ and ‘desire’ and a ‘watcher’ and a ‘performer’. Dr. Veerendranath further explained how mind and heart simultaneously transmitted orders and how to learn to take right decision.

Besides giving several certificates to the active participants who answered his questions and puzzles, Dr. Veerendranath also presented a gold plated medal to a teacher who correctly named five neighboring countries of India.

Dr. Veerendranath also presented his all the 47 books written by him to the School.

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