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Andhra Pradesh: Teams deployed to ensure safe route for the tiger to its natural habitat- Mrit News

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The big cat is safe and faces no threat to its further movement, says Divisional Forest Officer

The big cat is safe and faces no threat to its further movement, says Divisional Forest Officer

Wildlife authorities in Andhra Pradesh have deployed teams to ensure a safe route for the adult tiger to enter its natural habitat in Prathipadu mandal in Kakinada district.

On Tuesday, all the routes leading to the hill range surrounded by casuarina plantation in Prathipadu mandal were sealed for vehicular traffic to enable the Royal Bengal Tiger move towards the Thotapalli Reserve Forest in the erstwhile East Godavari Agency.

The details of the exact location and the hills where the adult tiger has been moving for the last four days and is believed to be taking rest, are not being revealed to ensure there is no threat to its further movement and security.

The tiger is found to be healthy and has been getting access to safe drinking water in the Polavaram canal, along which the wildlife authorities have recorded its pug marks to trace its further course of route.

The tiger appears healthy based on the photographs captured through the camera traps, the officials say. On the night of May 29, the tiger was sighted when it returned to eat the buffalo it had killed earlier.

“We have been tracing the movements of the tiger, which is safe without any threat to its further movement. Its movements are being scanned by following its pug marks and installing CC cameras along the Polavaram canal and the nearby water bodies,” Divisional Forest Officer (Wildlife-Rajahmundry) C. Selvam told The Hindu.

Earlier in the day, the forest personnel cremated the carcass of the buffalo killed by the tiger and paid compensation to its owner.

“We are monitoring the tiger’s movements as advocated by the guidelines of the National Tiger Conservation Authority,” said Mr. Selvam.

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