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Arts festival Varnapakittu for transgenders will be back this year in Kerala- Mrit News

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The Social Justice department will organise Varnapakittu, an arts festival for transgender persons, this year. The previous one was held before the pandemic.

The event, being organised as part of the transgender policy implemented by the department, is intended to provide opportunities for nurturing the creativity and artistic talents of transgender persons as part of their all-round development.

A State-level organising committee will be formed for the smooth conduct of the festival. The committee will be chaired by the Social Justice Minister and include the Social Justice department secretary and its director, besides other members. It will be the responsibility of the organising committee to frame guidelines and set up subcommittees if needed.

The stipulations of the 2019 Varnapakittu manual can be made applicable to this edition of the festival, and the manual revised if any amendments are to be made.

The government has sanctioned ₹40 lakh for the conduct of Varnapakittu this year.

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