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Corporation to conduct survey of nomadic, semi-nomadic communities in State – Mrit News

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The Karnataka Nomadic and Semi-Nomadic Development Corporation would conduct a survey of nomadic and semi-nomadic communities in the State within a month, said K. Ravindra Shetty, Chairman of Karnataka Nomadic and Semi Nomadic Development Corporation.

Addressing a media conference at Aiwan-E-Shahi Guest House here on Thursday, Mr. Shetty said that the purpose of the survey was to have a better picture of the population sizes of 46 nomadic and semi-nomadic communities that fell under the corporation and their economic and educational conditions.

“As per the official records, the total population of the 46 nomadic and semi-nomadic communities in the State is around 18 lakh. If we take the estimates by the leaders of each community, it would be around 75 lakh. These are at the most backward communities living at the bottom strata of the society. Having a better understanding of the size of each community and their economic and educational conditions would enable us to come up with better welfare and development initiatives for them. That is why we have taken up the task of survey and the process is expected to be completed within a month,” Mr. Shetty said.

Financial constraints

Pleading helplessness in taking massive welfare measures for the communities owing to financial constraints, Mr. Shetty said that the government had allocated ₹6 crore in the 2022-23 Budget.

“The corporation had ₹2.8 crore unused money from the last year’s allocation. The government has released ₹6 crore this year. We will prepare action plans for ₹8.8 crore and spend the entire amount for the welfare of the communities before the end of the financial year,” he said.

When asked about the housing conditions of the communities, Mr. Shetty said that most of the people in those communities did not have proper shelters.

“Their shelters are neither proper houses nor temporary tents. We had an ambitious plan to provide them with proper houses. However, the financial constraints have prevented us from going with the plans. We have discussed the issue with the Housing Minister who has assured to get the houses built for those who have had residential plots. We have also requested the government to increase the financial assistance from ₹1.2 lakh to ₹2.5 lakh for the construction of houses,” he said.

To a question, Mr. Shetty said that a project would be taken up to preserve all the family-tree records that the Helava community maintained.

“Helava community’s traditional profession is to maintain the family-tree records of other communities. The records may be lost as the community members don’t have proper shelters to keep them. We will come up with a project to digitise the records and made it available for the families concerned,” Mr. Shetty said.

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