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Guest lecturers demand salary for month of May – Mrit News

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The Tamil Nadu All Government College UGC Qualified Guest Lecturers Association has demanded that members be paid their salary.

Guest lecturers are appointed for a consolidated pay for a period of 11 months. They are then relieved from duty for a month and reinstated when the next academic year commences.

Normally they are appointed in June and relieved in April. Last year they were asked to work in the month of May also as classes were conducted online. The guest lecturers said every year their salaries for March and April are inordinately delayed. In such times, when the price of every commodity is rising steadily, they are finding it difficult to make ends meet, the association said.

“Every year, government colleges would ask us to work even after the last teaching sessions. There would be no official registration of our attendance but college principals would pressure us to take up admission duty and evaluation of end-semester papers. We have been doing so for the past 10 years,” said V. Thangaraj, association president.

The teacher said not only is the salary not paid but the experience certificate is also denied. When such issues are brought to the notice of the faculty concerned, guest lecturers are threatened with not being recruited for the next academic year, Mr. Thangaraj rued, and appealed to the Higher Education Department and the Chief Minister intervene.

T. Veeramani, president of Tamil Nadu Government College Teachers’ Association, said there could be delay in salary disbursal but they eventually do get paid. As for the complaint about being asked to perform tasks beyond their stated job, Mr. Veeramani pointed out that they were paid salary during the lockdown months when the colleges were shut.

“Last year the colleges started functioning only in August but the guest lecturers got the salary for the entire period. It is only fair that they do their share of work in the admission process. The guest lecturers are saying that they worked in May. We have made a representation to the Director of College Education and he has assured us that he would speak to the Higher Education Secretary about the salary for the month of May,” he said.

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