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In frames: Sir Creek’s fish basket- Mrit News

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Pomfret, lobster, croaker fish… Sir Creek’s bounty of seafood is known for its quality and quantity. As much of this coastline lies near the International Border in Kutch district, the BSF mans the area spread over 4,050 sq.km.

“We have exhausted our savings during the last three years as fishing came to a naught due to COVID-19. The steady and steep diesel price hike have not made things any better, Shailesh Kuhada, a fisherman from Veraval, says. “We started our season in early September 2021 and were hoping it would last till the end of May 2022, but this time, we wound up almost a month in advance. The steep diesel prices have come on the back of the revoking of the diesel subsidy that we used to get, in December 2021. Fishermen are finding it difficult to survive and many have now taken loans to make ends meet.”

The area has six major creeks and several small ones. The Indian Coast Guard too is active here, assisting fishermen in distress at sea and undertaking anti-smuggling operations.

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