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It was a fake encounter, says Civil Liberties Committee- Mrit News

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Hailing Justice Sirpurkar Commission’s report on the encounter killing of four accused in the rape and murder of Disha, the Civil Liberties Committee on Monday said that the report has exposed how feeble and fake are the police encounter rhetoric stories, and this particular incident has proved it once again.

Police caught the suspects immediately after the heinous offence, and what hurts the most is they even ‘punished’ them immediately in a fake encounter, Prof. Gaddam Laxman, State President of Civil Liberties Committee said.

“Police took the law into their own hands and reacted according to the public mood. Yes, society was anguished by the suspects’ act, but police have to act according to law. They can’t snatch away someone’s Right to Life, a constitutional right, by simply killing them in fake encounters,” he said while addressing a press conference here.

Welcoming the Supreme Court-appointed Justice Sirpurkar Commission’s report, Prof. Laxman said as per the recommendations, the policemen involved in the encounter should be prosecuted on the charges of murder, which might create fear among police officers who plan to carry out fake encounters in future.

Advocate for the deceased suspects P.V. Krishnamachari said that persons who raped and killed Disha were different, and “to protect actual culprits, police caught and killed someone else and closed the case.”

He said that it was an unbiased and historic report, and the police officers involved in the case are liable for punishment.

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