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Malakpet RUB: GHMC completes its work – Mrit News

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Extreme traffic congestion near the road under bridge (RUB) of Malakpet is inching towards resolution thanks to the proposed vent soon to be constructed by the South Central Railway.

A second railway vent was proposed in addition to the existing one for free traffic flow on either side of the road so as to ease the congestion near Malakpet and Chaderghat.

The narrow RUB portion is mediated every day by thousands of vehicles both ways — towards Dilsukhnagar and Chaderghat. The condition has worsened after the construction of a Metro Rail station at the location, resulting in vehicle slowdown irrespective of the time of the day.

In order to ameliorate the situation, it was decided to construct another RUB parallel to the existing one.

Work is divided between GHMC and SCR, in that, the part of the vent under the bridge is to be created by the Railways, while approach roads and a bridge over the nala are GHMC’s responsibilities.

Construction of the small connecting bridge with 21 metres length and 12 metres width over the nala has been completed, officials informed.

Way has ben cleared for the approach roads for a length of 234.5 metres, by shifting various utilities including power lines and water pipelines.

“Our part of the work is now completed. Only the Railways’ portion remains,” a senior Engineering official informed.

Construction of the vent, 37 metres in length, 11 metres in width and 4.5 metres in height, could take well over six months’ time, he said.

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