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PM Modi bats for preserving diversity of languages Mann Ki Baat address- Mrit News

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The number of unicorn startups in the country had reached the figure of 100, the Prime Minister said in his radio address

The number of unicorn startups in the country had reached the figure of 100, the Prime Minister said in his radio address

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on May 29 yet again stressed the diversity of languages and scripts citing the example of Kalpana, a native of Uttarakhand, who scored 92 marks in Kannada in the class 10th examination in Karnataka.

Mr. Modi said Kalpana, who did not know the Kannada language till some time ago, learned the southern language in three months and scored 92 marks.

“Today, through her hard work, she has set an example for all of us. I congratulate Kalpana for her fortitude. Similarly, there are many people in our country who are working towards strengthening the linguistic diversity of the country,” the Prime Minister said on Sunday in the 89th episode of his customary radio address ‘Mann Ki Baat’.

He said the number of unicorn startups in the country had reached the figure of 100.

“The total valuation of these unicorns is more than $330 billion, that is, more than ₹25 lakh crore. Certainly, this is a matter of pride for every Indian. You will also be surprised to know that out of our total unicorns, 44 came up last year. Not only that, 14 more Unicorns were formed anew in 3-4 months this year. This means that even in this phase of the global pandemic, our start-ups have been creating wealth and value,” he said in the address.

Mentioning a gift he received from a Self-Help Group from Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu, he said it was a special Thanjavur Doll, which also had a GI Tag.

“Women’s Self-Help Groups stores and kiosks are also opening up in Thanjavur. Because of this, the lives of many poor families have changed. With the help of such kiosks and stores, women are now able to sell their products directly to customers. The initiative has been named ‘Tharagaigal Kaivinai  Porutkal Virpanai Angadi’. The special thing is that 22 Self-Help Groups are associated with this initiative,” he said.

Mr. Modi congratulated organisations that were involved in cleaning the pilgrimage centres in Uttarakhand during the season of the Char Dham pilgrimage. He asked people to maintain the dignity of these pilgrimage sites.

“Purity, cleanliness and a pious environment… we should never forget these and for that, it is imperative that we abide by the resolution of cleanliness,” he added.

He urged the people to celebrate this year’s Yoga Day by organising sessions in cities, towns or villages.

“This place can be an ancient temple and tourist centre, or it could be the banks of a famous river, lake or pond. With this, along with yoga, the identity of your area will also be reinforced and tourism there will also get a boost,” Mr. Modi added.

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