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Ramkumar Ganesan joins issue with CPI leader- Mrit News

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Film producer Ramkumar Ganesan, son of late thespian Sivaji Ganesan, on Tuesday joined issue with CPI state secretary R. Mutharasan, for allegedly criticising Prime Minister Narendra Modi by invoking the veteran actor’s name.

Mr. Ramkumar, who recently joined the BJP, in a statement said his father was a friend of communist leaders and had supported them in times of need. “If Sivaji Ganesan is among us now, he would not have returned any of his hard won awards as he would have become a supporter of our Prime Minister and the BJP. He also would have stood by me and my decision to become a member of the BJP,” he said.

“Praising Mr. Sivaji is fine, but do not use his name to slander and vilify other people. He is much greater than your cause,” he added.

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