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Rupa Hassan withdraws approval to include her poem in textbook- Mrit News

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Writer and poet Rupa Hassan has written to Minister for Primary and Secondary Education B.C. Nagesh withdrawing the approval she gave to include one of her poems in the Kannada language textbook of class IX.

In her letter to the Minister on Tuesday, the poet also expressed her disappointment over textbook revision this year.

Ms. Hassan’s poem “Ammanaguvudendare” was included in Nudi Kannada – the third language textbook for class IX. She had given her consent to the previous committee to include the poem.

This year, Ms. Hassan said the textbooks have been revised to suit the ideology of the ruling party. Many senior writers, upset over the development, had already withdrawn their consent to include their pieces of writing in the textbooks. However, the government, instead of taking immediate action to rectify the mistakes committed, had been negligent. Moreover, there was not even one woman member in the revising committee, she said.

The poet also opined that the textbook revision was not done as per the National Curriculum Framework-2005. The framework was designed as per the basic principles of the Indian constitution – equality, social justice, secular and gender parity among others. However, the revision of textbooks conducted this year was not as per the framework, she said.

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