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Start-up allows students to learn coding now and pay later- Mrit News

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At Masai School, students sign an agreement to pay the fees after their annual income reaches a certain level

At Masai School, students sign an agreement to pay the fees after their annual income reaches a certain level

A start-up has developed a model to skill students in coding and get them placed. Candidates who are unable to pay the fee because of their modest financial background are taught the skills for free. The students can pay the fee after their income reaches a certain level.

In three years, the start up, Masai School, has trained 1,500 students, says Pratik Shukla, co-founder.

Mohamed Hassan graduated in Mechanical Engineering from a college in Tiruchengode in 2017 and got placed as well. “I was fond of mechanical engineering but on the job I realised this is not the place I imagined in college. Since childhood, I had a dream. I was fond of coding but it was not enough to make a career as my family was financially unstable,” he said.

He came across Masai School through a blog and in December 2018 he switched careers. “They offered me the skill set and in return I signed an agreement that once I get a job I will pay the fees,” he recalled.

He is now a front-end engineer developing software for ShareChat, where he had joined as an intern. “My role is to develop software. I help to develop software to use Sharechat in browser,” he said.

Among the first batch that graduated from Masai, he has since paid the course fee of ₹3 lakh.

Soumitha Bhaskara graduated with a B. Sc. in Electronics with Computer Science in 2020. A mentor from a non-governmental organisation where she interned helped her join Masai School just as she completed the degree.

An accident left her father without a job and unable to walk. She needed to get skilled to be placed, she realised. “It is a 30-week course and I got a job in December. The NGO gave me stipend that helped my family. I got a job in a company that creates software and templates for documentation,” she said.

“I did not have money to buy even snacks. After joining Masai, I am buying grocery and we have some money to spend,” she said. Several others like her have joined the school since then. She had paid the course fee of ₹3 lakh.

Masai School’s co-founder Pratik Shukla said, “We follow a model that is completely outcome based,” he said.

The school signs an agreement with the students that they would pay the fee when they start earning ₹5 lakh a year. “If they don’t get a job within a year, they don’t pay us. That puts us always on our toes to make sure our students are successful,” said Mr. Shukla, an Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur graduate, who launched the school in 2019 in Bengaluru.

“We wanted to tell the world that we can have a profitable, outcome-based education,” he said. As for concerns about keeping pace with technology, he said: “Unlike an educational institution that changes curriculum every 10 to 15 years, we are always in line with what the industry wants.” So far, the school has trained over 1,500 students, he added.

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