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Thiruvananthapuram will soon get a farm labour bank – Mrit News

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Local units, coordinated on an e-platform, will act as a single window for farmers’ needs

Local units, coordinated on an e-platform, will act as a single window for farmers’ needs

The Thiruvananthapuram district panchayat is all set to launch an agricultural labour bank to address various issues plaguing the sector.

Former Finance Minister T.M. Thomas Isaac participated in a workshop organised at the district panchayat hall here on Wednesday, to discuss the implementation of the project. The labour bank will be formed as a society with the participation of farmers, experts in the field, and activists.

Panchayat-level units will be formed, for providing farmers with training, farming implements and other services. These local units will function as a single window system for various needs of farmers. Under every unit, groups of 20 members each will be formed. The aim in the initial phase for each unit will be to generate 500 person days of work every month.

The day-to-day functioning of the labour bank will be coordinated through a multi-stakeholder e-platform. Registered farmers, labour bank members, co-ordinators and others connected to the labour bank will have access to this application. Those who need farm workers can raise the demand through the application, and it will be directed to the members. The farming implements will also be provided at nominal rates through the system.

On fallow land

If owners of fallow land want to start farming there, expenses for the preparatory work and labour will be met under the system. A revolving fund of ₹50 lakh has been set aside for this purpose. Consultancy for preparing land for farming and farm management services will also be provided through the labour bank. Two persons who have completed agricultural diploma courses will be appointed on contract for this purpose.

Fruit trees

Saplings of fruit-bearing trees including mango, jackfruit and rambutan will be provided to land owners as part of a plan to plant such saplings in at least 10 acres of land in each panchayat.

Labour bank members will be provided accident insurance support. Digital marketing methods will be used to popularise the system among farmers. Monitoring committees will be formed at the district and panchayat levels.

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