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Travelling post-COVID: Know these popular benefits that are part of your travel insurance policy | Personal Finance News – Mrit News

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New Delhi:  The world is gradually unlocking after two long years and the pent-up wanderlust is finally prevailing over the skies. While it is busy time for the travel sector, the opening up of international travel also coincides with the arrival of the vacation season.

Travel is no longer the way it used to be. With the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic, the travel industry is  now riddled with uncertainties and apprehension.  This has led to an upswing in people opting for travel insurance. It is now pertinent to know about popular benefits that are part of your travel insurance policy and how they cover you against potential risks that are not a part of your itinerary, if you are starting your vacation plans.

Amit Chhabra, Head – Health and Travel Insurance, Policybazaar.com, in a conversation with Reema Sharma of Zee Media shared his views on some of the popular benefits that travellers should opt for depending on their needs.

Should one opt for travel insurance covering pre-existing diseases or illnesses?

Pre-existing health conditions like diabetes or heart ailments are becoming increasingly common among all age-groups, especially in a post-pandemic world. In case you face any medical exigency due to these diseases, you could end up with large expenses in a foreign land, more so for senior citizens. Therefore, it’s important to opt for travel insurance covering PEDs, but it’s equally important to declare every bit of information to your insurer as these will be covered only in an emergency situation and not for pre-planned hospitalisation. Not declaring prior treatments or surgeries or any related information can lead to the rejection of your claim.

What are the benefits of Multi-trip insurance?

Multi-trip insurance is different from a standard travel insurance policy. If you are a frequent flier or if you are looking forward to ticking off as many destinations as possible on your bucket list this year, opt for multi-trip insurance. It will provide coverage to the policyholder for all the trips taken within the policy year starting from the date of commencement. This will ensure that you are covered financially all year round if you decide to cancel or are exposed to any kind of risk on any of your trips.

What is a Compassionate visit insurance?

It’s quite possible that you land into an icky situation while travelling alone and might need someone from your family to visit and help you out. In this case, a few plans offer the coverage of an empathetic or compassionate visit from your family member on your overseas travel. You’d need to carefully consider the terms and conditions applied here.

Should you opt for OPD coverage in your travel insurance plan?

A  doctor consultation could result in huge expenses and shoot up your travel budget in no time. It is, thus, advised to opt for OPD coverage in your travel insurance plan. It is also advised to visit a cashless network hospital in this case for a smoother process.

What is the importance of taking a Personal accident cover?

To be on the safe side, one should opt for personal accidents cover which will cover them financially in case of accidental death or disability during their trip. Since no one knows the extent of damage that could happen, the policy will help cover expenses paid in such a situation.

What about Home burglary insurance?

Home burglary is, unfortunately common and a major worry for travellers around the world. So, you can now financially safeguard your home in your absence by opting for a travel plan that covers home burglary as well.

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