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Villagers stop public hearing for proposed lime kankar mining in Nandyal district – Mrit News

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People from three villages — Yerragudi, Hussainapuram, and Yenakandla — in Banganapalli mandal of Nandyal district created a law-and-order issue and stopped the public hearing for the proposed mining of lime kankar in 133 hectares in these villages for Jai Jyothi Cements. 

The Nandyal District Revenue Officer chaired the meeting with environmental engineer Bethi Yugandhar Muni Prasad convened for obtaining the opinion and objections of the villagers in which the proposed mining area falls. The villagers resorted to use of force and threw away chairs and removed the tent to oppose the public hearing and wanted the mining not to be taken up till some of their local problems were resolved. 

Complaints and objections ranged from likely pollution to the villages, cutting off of the existing underground water channels, and destruction of the flora and fauna. The villagers were also agitating against the lack of employment for many youth there.

Kankar is a nodular variety of limestone which is spongy in nature and found in many places in the district. The kankar containing some quantity of clayey and siliceous matter is found either in layers, blocks, or as separate nodules. The kankar lime, a form of calcium carbonate, is used in the manufacture of cement, added in small quantities along with the lime stone. 

The public meeting has been put off and will be re-notified after taking permission from the Member Secretary, Pollution Control Board.

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