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Waqf Board meeting abruptly suspended – Mrit News

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Members protest ‘delay’ in receipt of agenda list; to convene again on July 14

Members protest ‘delay’ in receipt of agenda list; to convene again on July 14

The Telangana State Waqf Board (TSWB) could not discuss in detail all items on the agenda at the board meeting on Tuesday after certain members expressed displeasure over the agenda list not being supplied to them well in advance.

The board meeting was later suspended. The members and chairman Masiullah Khan decided to convene again on July 14. “The second board meeting was postponed and we will meet on 14th of this month,” Mr Khan said.

Syed Abul Fatah Bandagi Badshah Quadri, who was for the first time elected as a member under the mutawalli category, stated that he wrote to board CEO Shahnawaz Qasim mentioning his concerns about the manner in which the board meeting was convened. Mr Quadri shared the content of the message and raised objections over how the agenda given to members.

‘Unethical, malafide’

“Giving the agenda just before the meeting amounts to bulldozing the members into taking hasty decisions to the liking of the powers that be. It is not only unethical but also malafide. Hence, I request you to ensure the agenda notes are provided immediately and also in the upcoming meetings. Agenda and agenda notes must be made available to the members at least a week before,” Mr Quadri said.

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