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WHO honour for ASHA worker- Mrit News

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Shaila T.V. of Ollur is among the ASHA workers who have been honoured by the World Health Organization for their service, especially during the pandemic period.

After 14 years of service as an ASHA worker, when the WHO recognised her work, Shaila is happy. Her selfless service during the COVID-19 period has been considered for the recognition.

“As a health worker, who has a crucial role in linking the people with the health system, it has been a 24-hour service for ASHA workers, especially during the COVID-19 period. People call us day and night for medicines, food, and even provisions. We were tasked with spreading awareness about the pandemic, importance of immunisation, and maintaining the safety protocols. We tracked the positive cases in our area and provided them with necessary help.”

Joining as an ASHA worker in 2008, Shaila has been a familiar face for the people at the Anchery and Padavarad areas.

“ASHA workers’ services often go unnoticed. Many of the government’s aids and services reach people through the ASHA workers. But their work has seldom been recognised. So I am very happy for this honour. This is a recognition for the hundreds of ASHA workers here,” said Shaila, who was an Anganawadi worker earlier.

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