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Woman shot dead at orange orchard in Chikkamagaluru Karnataka- Mrit News

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A person working in an orange orchard near Chikkamagaluru in Karnataka shot his wife on May 24. The woman, Maimunnisa, 39, died on the spot. Chikkamagaluru police have arrested her husband Imtiyaz, 42.

Imtiyaz, Maimunnisa and their son Sahil are residents of Adishakti Nagar in Chikkamagaluru town. They had been staying at the orchard on the Chikkamagaluru-Mullayyanagiri road for the past few days.

Thoufeek, a fruit merchant, had taken a contract to harvest the fruits on the orchard. He had employed Imtiyaz and Maimunnisa to look after the orchard. He had given a single-barrel gun to Imtiyaz to scare monkeys that damaged the fruits.

According to the police, on May 24 evening, Sahil, 19, was playing some game on his mobile phone. Imtiyaz told Sahil to put his phone down. Even after repeated requests by his father, Sahil continued to play games on his mobile phone.

At one point, Imtiyaz threatened to shoot Sahil. When Sahil dared him to do so, Imtiyaz lost his cool. He picked up the gun and pointed the weapon at Sahil. When Maimunnisa intervened to protect her son, she was hit by gun shots and died on the spot.

Chikkamagaluru Rural police visited the spot. They arrested Imtiyaz and seized the weapon. Forensic experts also visited the spot.

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